Here’s What You May Not Know About The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay of the bachelorette
Hollywood Reporter

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air and The Bachelorette returns to ABC with Rachel Lindsay from Nick Viall’s Bachelor season as your new bachelorette. We were able to learn a few things about Rachel from The Bachelor but do we know everything? Here are some facts about Rachel you may not know.

rachel lindsay and nick viall of the bachelor
Hollywood Take

Her favorite musicians are Michael Jackson and Prince

You can scroll Rachel’s Instagram and find her with YG and Pusha T but she actually has a soft spoke for the oldies. According to, Rachel enjoys jamming out to Michael Jackson and Prince. Unfortunately for her, they are now both deceased so with no new music coming.. she’ll have to stick to the classics!

She enjoys the game of basketball

Rachel mentioned she liked basketball last season but didn’t really go into depth about it. She studied at both University of Texas and Marquette University, two great basketball schools in addition to academics. We found via Instagram that she may be a Bulls fan but more importantly she seems to be a fan of 6’11 Joakim Noah. Hey, maybe if the show doesn’t work out for Rachel she can slide into Joakim’s DMs.

She is engaged

So this isn’t necessarily a spoiler as it was reported last week that she was engaged. Does this ruin the show for us? Not necessarily. We still don’t know who the winner is, nor how they go about getting engaged. We have to figure that we knew this to be the outcome anyway.

Something we all know, Rachel will be the first African American Bachelorette. We should be in for a great season. Let’s hope for lots of drama and a controversial ending ┬áso we have something to talk about.



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