Rachel’s Final 6 Revealed! Who’s Left Standing After Last Night’s Bachelorette Elimination Bloodbath

Two episodes leave us with 6 send-offs and 6 left standing. Find out who made the cut here.

After two back-to-back nights of The Bachelorette provided a whopping number of contestants being sent home left and right, we have reached a small number of eligible suitors that are entering that last stretch to win Rachel Lindsay's heart. Only six remain, with two expected to leave next week in the episode prior to the hometown visits. Some are solid, and some are...well, still there, but let's take a deeper look into the last six standing and how they fare in the likelihood of getting Rachel to say "I do!"


Adam Gottschalk

He lost me after I read his bio and compounded the bad will by bringing that weird french doll on the first night. Granted, it wouldn't be a good reality show if there wasn't someone to loathe, but I don't think I'm the only one who's wondering why he's still here.

The joke characters tend to leave midway unless some chemistry has been established, but I've seen nothing palpable with him and Rachel this entire season. Clearly there's something here that we aren't seeing, as him and Rachel haven't had a single one-on-one date, nor has he done particularly well in the call-outs either.

Bryan Abasolo

We knew this Colombian chiropractor would be a contender after watching the dynamite chemistry he had with Rachel. With two special dates and the first impression rose under his belt, Bryan's clearly somebody that Rachel is digging. There are some small lingering concerns, however.

Their attraction is fiery but it has been heavily physical, and there's more to a relationship than just that. Also, some fans are concerned with that bad boy charm he carries and how irresistible it seems to be. Is there more compatibility here that what is being shown? Is the suave, smooth talker just for show? We'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Dean Unglert

Dean wasn't someone that I was too keen on, due to the young age, slightly irritating boyish charm, and his "I'm ready to go black and not look back" faux pas on After the Final Rose. Thankfully, he redeemed himself after having a nice slice of humble pie on the premiere episode, and has gone on to showcase that him and Rachel do have the potential to make things happen.

That being said, I'm still not sold on seeing him and Rachel making it in the long run. I'm sure he's a great dude who is also a wonderful candidate to be next year's Bachelor, but I still maintain him and Rachel won't last if he ends up getting the final rose.

Eric Bigger

We all hoped Eric wouldn't be a flop after that lovely ATFR  appearance, and he went on to maintain his good stride all the way through this season. He seems truly legit, and he seems to make a great pair with Rachel in all aspects (appearance, personality, etc.)

The only reason I'm so cautious is that the TV edit gives off a "too perfect" vibe that usually builds us up for a massive letdown. Whatever does ultimately, I look forward to seeing what's in store and will be thoroughly pissed if he gets eliminated in a unceremonious fashion. 

Matt Munson

He looked great on paper before the show started, but the only thing that we seem to know about him was when he walked out on premier night as a penguin and giving Dolphin Girl a run for her money.

There hasn't been a lot else that we've seen of Matt that warrants his place in the final 6 (much less a one-on-one date) but I guess we should be grateful that it's him holding one of the spots over some of the more dreadful suitors we've seen this season.

Peter Kraus

The winner vibes with Peter have been strong from the very beginning. Aside from getting dates and good rose call-outs, the connection he has with Rachel is beyond infectious and the reason we tune in to these silly dating shows. We surrender our better instincts and fall into watching this cutesy stuff because watching love blossoming is like a sugar rush with highs you can't resist.

I'd be floored if Peter wasn't present for the final rose ceremony, let alone be eliminated before final 3. Granted, we've been surprised before and it's all about what Rachel wants in the end. But considering how electric the two are together and how the journey has been everything a Bachelorette could ever dream of, it would be a complete shock to watch this love story have a bitter end.

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