These Cities Could Use A Real Housewives Series

real housewives
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The Real Housewives series has been quite successful. Of the nine domestic series launches, only two so far have come to a close. The Real Housewives of D.C. lasted just one season while The Real Housewives of Miami went for 3. Your longest tenured Housewives series is Orange County having completed 12 series and heading for 13. But what about these cities getting a shot at a series:

Chicago is a beautiful and major city with just under 3 million people populating it, so why can’t we find 6 women and get this show on the road? Both Andy Cohen and Brielle Biermann have lobbied for it in the past, what else can it take? With Dwyane Wade currently playing for the Bulls, could we maybe see Gabrielle Union star in the show?

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade
ABC News

Wouldn’t it be fun to see 6 women terrorize a city with so much American history? Philadelphia is a pretty prominent city when it comes to US standards, so why not give them a series. You might even spark some drama or a rivalry between the housewives of Philadelphia and New York. Although she lives in LA, wouldn’t it be funny if Kaitlin Olson of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was on the show?

New Orleans 
Yeah so someone absolutely needs to make this one happen. Could you imagine sending these women to Bourbon Street for one episode every season? Andy Cohen has hinted before that this could be the next city, I mean it makes all the sense in the world. Sandra Bullock is a current resident while Ellen Degeneres and Reese Witherspoon are from there. Let’s get them in a room along with Andy Cohen and have them figure it out.


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