Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 4 Recap

After seeing the preview for this week at the end of last week’s episode, I have to admit that I’ve been as excited as I’ve ever been since this season started. Did this episode live up to my hyped expectations? Well let’s see..

We start off on the plane to Tokyo with Rinna, who’s heading there to be with her daughters for a Vogue photoshoot. Then we pack with Erika, which is one of my favorite things, and Erika’s going to Tokyo with Lisa. We also briefly show LVP planning a lunch for the remaining ladies.

We settle in with Rinna at the airport in Tokyo, where we see her girls getting photographed by 4, maybe 5 paparazzi. Rinna’s obviously blowing the whole thing out of proportion but needless to say,  I’m happy those two little bitches are doing well.

Next we head to LVP’s for her lunch, where Teddi is the first to arrive. Lisa gives Teddi a tour of her house not long before Kyle and Dorit show up for lunch as well. Kyle gloats about her recent Mediterranean vacation and I’m jealous as all hell. Kyle invites everyone to her house for an upcoming get together, and then asks about Rinna and Erika in Tokyo which brought us an amazing flashback of the infamous “Were people doing coke in your bathroom?” line. I’ll never forget that junk boat..ever. Then during the lunch we start to see a bit of playful friction between Kyle and LVP which we’ve seen happens later in the season from the previews and trailer. Also during this lunch, Teddi starts to show her first bit of disdain for Dorit, and it’s all in regards to her trash talking.

Then we’re back with Teddi at her house and her adorable kids, and I just need to note that Teddi’s gotten more of her own screen time than possibly any new housewife has ever had. Which is interesting because she’s far from the most interesting of any new housewives to join the show. For example: We then see Teddi and her husband racing up a hiking trail. My point exactly.

Next we’re back with LVP, this time with two guests who belong to the magazine she’s recently taken a position for, Beverly Hills Lifestyle. They plan an upcoming jewelry shoot and LVP has the idea to use Dorit for the job. Interesting.

Then we go back to Tokyo prep with Erika, who’s taking the glam to the max per usual, and I’m very excited to see what she brings to the table. We switch back to Rinna in Tokyo, who’s helping her girls at an event when Erika finally shows up. Then Rina gives me a breath of fresh when she admits that she knows her daughters are doing well because of their famous parents, rather than delusionally trying to convince us that they’ve worked from the bottom.

We return to LVP’s for the day of the photoshoot, even though Dorit’s not ready. I have to say, Dorit pulls it off flawlessly! Dorit is still feeling a bit resistant towards the shoot as she doesn’t feel that she looks her best or that they’re capturing her in her best light, so to speak.

Then back in Tokyo, Erika and Rinna are going full on tourist around the streets of Tokyo. It makes me a bit sad because it reminds me of when Erika took Kyle to Greece last season and it makes me feel like Rinna replaced Kyle. Anyway, they discuss the horse show and how things went smoothly, and Lisa explains that she’s simply ready to move on. Later on, the two of them head to lunch with Erika in full on Tokyo glam. They head to a geisha house for dinner, where they’re not exactly..enjoying the cuisine. The conversation turns to their kids, and Erika admits she has a tough time with her son being a police officer, while Rinna admits that she’s nervous about her girls being all over the world working.

Back in Beverly Hills, the ladies show up to Kyle’s for her dinner party, Dorit being the first to arrive. Teddi is seemingly already getting with Dorit who seems to be constantly complaining. I can’t hate on her for it because I’m the same exact way. Camille also opens up about her new man, who we now know she’s engaged to, and so congratulations Camille Grammer! Now start getting into the thick of the drama, bitch!

Over in Tokyo, Rinna and Erika head to dinner with Rinna’s daughters and start discussing the Vogue shoot. The conversation moves around a bit before landing on the topic of sex. Daughter number one then spills that she learned about sex from Rinna’s very own sex book. I wasn’t aware that Rinna had a sex book but I can’t say I’m surprised and I can’t say I’m mad about it.

Then, we’re back at Kyle’s where the dinner is finally beginning. Dorit is a say the least and I don’t remember ever seeing her like this. Camille then walks in and introduces us to her new man in person, and I have to say I think they’re an adorable couple. Anyways, back to Dorit..she’s getting messy. Kyle and her have a friendly banter back and forth and in the midst of that, they say how everyone’s afraid of LVP. Dorit then gets super messy and somewhat (or mostly) jokingly calls Camille a cunt, and we finally get a slight glimpse at the old Camille in her confessional.

And that concludes the episode! Next week looks a bit boring, but we do see Rinna getting messy again herself so we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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