Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 5 Recap

After ending last week on an interesting note, with Dorit calling Camille a “stupid cunt” and all, I’m a bit more excited to head in to this week than I have been for the last few episodes. Let’s see how it pans out..

We start out with mother fucking Dorit going over her swimsuit line (which I actually do care for) with a group of her girlfriends. She almost had me roped in for a second until she started talking about PK’s involvement.

Meanwhile, Teddi is sitting in a restaurant waiting for Dorit’s chaotic ass to show, and after waiting for like an hour she decides to call her and see what’s going on. Dorit excuses herself as simply being “laser focused” in her swimsuit meeting. Teddi seems moderately pissed and rightfully so. She doesn’t like sitting and waiting and guess what? No one does. I also do understand that people lose track of time and especially when working so I’ll give her a pass.

Next we check in with Kyle and her uber cute pack of dogs (and Portia) and she calls Rinna to catch up since Rinna’s been away in Tokyo, Canada and next New York. Rinna also lets it slip that she was runner up for Kelly’s position for Kelly and Ryan, which WOW.

Then we head to LVP’s dog rescue place and check in with her cute group of puppies. She makes a dead on comparison between a dog she wants to rescue and scruffy old Ken and I appreciated it.

Next we’re back with Kyle, this time at some adorable lunch spot, and she’s joined by Erika. They discuss the trip to Tokyo, and then Kyle announces some exciting news that she’s working on two new shows on top of her show ‘American Woman. Erika then tells us about how Tom go in to a car accident recently but that he’s okay, which..good, but in the preview things seemed a bit more dramatic.

Later with Erika, she’s at her Pretty Mess office with Mikey and they discuss the accident a bit further. It hit Erika hard because it reminded her that she’ll be alone in the world in not all that long, which I mean..obviously. Nonetheless, it’s still sad and I feel for Erika.

Some time later we join Teddi and Kyle going for a workout. I can’t say that workout scenes or scenes in gyms are a favorite of mine amongst the housewives vicinity but I guess the fillers are needed. Also, I’d like to note that I don’t mind gym scenes if they’re Shannon Beador, Tamra kicking Alexis out, or Meghan exclaiming Brooks doesn’t have cancer.

Kyle and Teddi then head to grab a bite to eat after their workout and naturally they dive in to Dorit of it all. Teddi’s irritated with Dorit after she apparently changed her story abit when sharing it with the other ladies.

Later we’re all the way in New York with Rinna who’s doing her usual routine of cleaning the hotel rooms and I have to say I still enjoy watching it. She calls Harry to check in with Harry and the kids, who tell Rinna Harry’s been “mean”.

Back in Beverly Hills, Kyle’s at yet another lunch, this time with Dorit. They of course dive right in to the situation with Teddi which at this point has become a much bigger deal than it needs to be, and it’s obvious it’s mostly because of the lack of storylines and a little bit because Dorit just rubs Teddi the wrong way. Kyle also lets Dorit in on the news about her shows, and Dorit responds by saying “I’m gonna cheer you on like your own mother would”. Dorit, you’re so stupid. Kyle was upset, as one would be in the situation, and it makes me sad for her and her sisters! Then Kyle starts to share a bit about her current family dynamic with her sister Kathy and how things are strained because of work things regarding Mauricio and Rick Hilton’s respective businesses.

Next we switch back to New York where Rinna’s getting ready for her Live! co-hosting gig. She ends up killing it, per usual and we quickly move on,

Back in Beverly Hills there are two lunches going on, one with Kyle, Teddi and Camille, and one with Dorit and LVP. Dorit and LVP discuss Kyle and how they’ve gotten close and how Kyle opened up to her at their lunch. For some reason LVP is a bit unsettled by this. Then both parties start discussing tardy-gate. They’re both telling their own versions of the story and there’s really not much to it so I’m not sure what all the discussion is about. Dorit tells LVP about how Kyle told her how Teddi explained the situation and basically they’re setting up the season feud. Camille even gets in a jab about Dorit’s drinking which I enjoyed, but other than that it’s sort of a dead subject.

Then Camille starts discussing the whole Dorit situation from last week, and they start the momentum of Dorit having a drinking problem. I’m okay with this storyline, but Kyle certainly wasn’t and we all know why. Lisa and Dorit, however, have a different point of view about it. They think it’s all just a joke, which I think it was coming from Dorit. And then in walks Lisa Rinna! Rinna lets it slip they she heard of a story about a lawsuit where Ken assaulted some woman and that concludes the episode.

Next week we see Dorit and Erika hanging out, and Lisa and Ken (and Rinna) dealing with the fallout of Rinna spreading the story. I’m excited to say the least!

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