Vanderpump Rules Episode 6 Recap

Last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules ended with an explosion. This week, we dive in to the aftermath of said explosion and let’s just say things don’t pan out well..

We start exactly where we left off last week with Brittany listening to the audio of Jax after he slept with Faith. Brittany kicks all of the boys out the room and shares the recording out loud with the girls. Unfortunately we never get to hear the actual footage, but the girls share some of what they heard; that he doesn’t want to marry Brittany, that he’s not attracted to her and that sex with Faith was the best he’d ever had. Yeah, not good stuff and NOT a good look on Jax. James then tries to intervene while lingering over the girls to which we were then treated to Brittany and Stassi screaming at James at the top of their lungs. This was all capped off with James literally running out and over to Tom and Katie’s apartment where the boys are held up.

Ariana and Kristen then head over to Tom and Katie’s, where Tom starts to give Ariana shit about sharing the recording. Everyone’s drunk and so Tom isn’t understanding that the recording was not on Ariana’s phone, for one, and that she really isn’t guilty at all in this situation. Ariana ends up storming out and basically the night ends in a disastrous monstrosity.

Next, James meets up with Lisa to discuss his upcoming revived DJ gig. James has the clever idea to name his party “See you next tuesday” which I honestly do admire. James then let’s Lisa know what happened last night by one, doing an amazingly gif-worthy impression of Brittany’s reaction and two, telling us that he stole the recording himself off of Faiths phone.

Then we check in with Ariana, Schean, Tom and Lala at Scheana’s place the morning after the party. Tom explains that he’s pissed about them sharing the recording at that time (with everyone being wasted). Then we head back to Jax and Brittany’s where Jax explains that he’s also pissed for the same reason that Tom is. We switch back to Scheana’s where Tom and Ariana are still arguing to which I say, why do they even care so much? This has turned into a much bigger issue for them and their relationship. Back with Jax and Brittany, they continue screaming at each other and once again, Jax ends up walking out. Then back with Tom and Ariana, Ariana blows her lid and suggest her and Tom break up. Yeah..things aren’t great with any of the couples right now.

Next we’re at Sur where Lala’s meeting a new Sur server, Billie, and Lala shows her true compassionate self in making sure she’s settled and feeling comfortable. Love Lala.

Later we head to dinner with Tom, Katie, Stassi and her boyfriend Patrick. Tom ends up coming off as pathetic as he’s legitimately swooning over Patrick. Then they get in to the jax and Brittany of it all, and Stassi’s cringing with embarrassment over Patrick hear all of this stuff about her friends.

We then head to a Burbank studio with James, Tom and Lala, where James shares his concerns over people wanting to see him fail. After hearing a sample of his music, I can pretty confidently say he’s not going much further than that sad Burbank studio. We then hear Tom Sandoval scratchley playing a trumpet and it was..interesting.

Some time later we check back in at Brittany’s apartment where Stassi and Katie come to check on her. Brittany explains that they haven’t been talking or really seeing each other even though they live together. They basically just tell Brittany to get the hell out of dodge, and I mean..she should.

Then it’s time for James’ Tuesday night DJ gig at Sur. Tom and Ariana are bartending together and things are awkward at best. Everyone slowly arrives and as the party starts going, everyone seems to be having a pretty nice time. Scheana then has to be a sourpuss and bitch about serving everyone because she’s still pissed about them spreading the rumor about her boyfriend kissing another girl at Toca Madera. Scheana and Katie have a quick spat but ultimately agree to move on from everything.

A little later, Brittany comes in to talk to Lisa about what’s going on. Lisa gives her the pep talk she needs and it actually makes me happy to see Lisa making her feel better.

Then Scheana decides to confront Jen Bush, the one who spotted Scheana’s boyfriend at Toca Madera, and try to put this to rest once and for all. Jen basically explains that she saw him being too close to someone who’s not his girlfriend and that maybe the girls ended up playing a bad game of telephone. As Scheana said, “case closed”.

Later in the night, Tom and Ariana head outside to the infamous Sur dumpster area, and thankfully they’re able to resolve things. They hear each other out, apologize and move on. Some other couples on this show should take note.

The next day, we’re back with Brittany (bitch is getting ALL the screen time this season) and this time she’s talking things over with her mom. Her mom gives her the oh-so sage advice to pray about it and that’s that. Brittany heads downstairs to talk to Jax and that have a pretty civil conversation which is surprising considering all of their recent conversations.

And that’s the end of another solid episode! Next week we see Lala and James go at it and Brittany’s mom coming to visit. I personally can’t wait to see Lala lt James have it. Until next week!

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