Vanderpump Rules Episode 7 Recap

I think we can all agree that last weeks Pump Rules was insane. From The aftermath of the voice recording, to Tom and Ariana, to Scheana and her man.. It seemed like almost every relationship on the show was showing signs of strain. This week, I’m anxious to see how all of these storylines play out..

We start off with Stassi and Lisa going over some planning for an upcoming party for LA LGBT Pride. Stassi’s also in charge of dressing everyone for the staff for the event, which I actually find her very qualified to do.

We then head to some sort of zen healing meditation class called reiki with Jax, both Toms and Peter out of all people. Schwartz lets the teacher know that he’s been ruining opportunities that have been coming his way due to his drinking which, duh we’ve all noticed this. Next Jax CRIES, I repeated JAX TAYLOR CRIES. For the first time, I’m finally feeling like Jax feels genuine remorse for what he’s done to Brittany.

Next we head to a botox appointment with Lala, Ariana and Brittany. Brittany let’s the girls know that she heard Jax had been crying at reiki and she’s glad because it shows that he’s growing and that he’s sorry. They then get in to the whole issue of Scheana’s boyfriend Rob making out with another girl. Scheana feels like Rob is pulling away because of her group of friends talking about things like that.

Later we head to a movie screening of Lala land with Katie, Kristen, Stassi and Brittany. Katie whines about what her and Scheana talked about last week, and that’s when Katie goes in about her needing a hobby and staying out of her business. Then they move on to talking about Jax, and as Brittany’s defending his recent reiki routine, the other girls try to warn her not to fall for it. We’ll see how that works out..

We then head to lunch with James, Lala and their friend Logan, where they all proceed to drink like the country’s about to have a shortage of it. Really seems like James is in a better place with his drinking.. (insert eyeroll here). Then James calls Lala a bitch over her eating his girlfriends pasta which is possibly the silliest fight we’ve ever had in the Bravo universe. Lala holds her cool at first, knowing James is wasted, and when James calls Lala’s boyfriend a fat man that’s when Lala loses it. Lala storms out and James follows, and they continue arguing about the “damn pasta”. This is just… wow.

Sometime later we’re at Sur where Scheana, Brittany and Ariana start talking, with Scheana complaining about hearing that the girls were talking shit about her at their movie screening. At this point, Scheana’s pissed and Brittany tries to defend Katie but Scheana’s not having any of it. It seems like it’s game on with Scheana vs. Stassi and Katie.

Next we head to TomTom with both Tom’s who are getting down and dirty and helping demolish and clean up the place. We then switch over to the girls (Katie, Kristen, Stassi) and she starts talking about her and Tom sleeping over at Sandoval’s. Katie then goes in to this rant about her and Tom are in a great place and they’re so in love now and I don’t care about anything that Katie says. Back with the boys, Lisa comes to check on their progress and naturally she asks about how Tom and Katie are doing. Back with the girls, Kristen starts talking about how she’s flying Brittany’s mom out to LA so that she can convince her to break up with Jax. Clearly Kristen has literally nothing else to do this season and so she’s resorted to this. How pathetic.

A bit later, we march with the rest of the cast for LA Pride. We focus on Scheana who’s at Sur, and Rob comes in to talk to her about their relationship. Everything’s seemingly fine and we move on. Then we cut back to the rest of the group who’s still marching with the parade and we’re joined by Lala in a Wonder Woman costume and it’s everything. Lala fills them (including Lisa) in on what happened with her and James and they basically tell her ‘well of course he did’.Then we focus on Stassi getting everyone dressed and when Stassi tries to put paint on Jax’s face he acts like a real sourpuss. Scheana goes to talk to Lala about everything going on with Rob and she’s still dwelling on the Rob situation.

Later at Sur, everyone’s back from the March and Jax and Tom are bartending while everyone else is dancing around getting trashed. Lisa then introduces new server, Billie Lee, and she talks about being transgender and Jax reveals he had no idea she even was. They continue to talk about and Jax reveals he also feels like he’s always had to pretend to be someone he’s not. Then over with Jax, James and his friend Logan. Logan seems to be very obsessed with James, more so than James loves Logan. Logan even admits that he’s in love with James, and Raquel seems a bit peeved by the whole thing.

Later, Lisa sits Scheana down to talk to her about what’s going on with her because everyone’s pointing out that she seems to been thin and frail. Scheana’s really milking this cheating rumor for all it’s worth. The rumor isn’t even true according to her yet she’s still extremely pissed about the whole thing..and it all just isn’t making any sense to me. Scheana loves nothing more than to play the victim and this is the perfect situation for her to do so.

Once everything calms down, Brittany goes outside and talks to Jax and he’s of course buttering her up and everything seems pretty much back to normal with them. Then back inside, Lala and James talk about what happened the day before, and Lala let’s James have it once again and I’m glad she’s sticking up for herself but James does get very nasty with her (and everyone else).

The next day, we’re at Brittany and Jax’s apartment where Kristen and Katie walk in and wait for Brittany’s mom to walk in. Brittany’s mom walks in much to the surprise of Brittany and much to the dismay of Jax.

A bit tamer of an episode than the past few but certainly still a lot happening. Next week we see Katie and Lala meeting up and we see Scheana arguing with pretty much everyone. We also see talk of Logan and James hooking up and THAT I can’t wait for.

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